Product introduction

We will try to satisfy customers with 30 years accumulated technology and know-how.

Solar inverter and power application product

Grid Connected
Solar Inverter &
Power Converter

All the solar inverter and power application products by Hephzibah provide customers with the design of power circuit through self-system modeling and circuit simulation for the maximized conversion efficiency, optimized system operating feature, and the mechanism design through heat flow and structure analysis, and the best quality and function through international test standard power gauging test and field test.

  • 3PC-35K


    35KW Three phase solar inverter

  • SPC-5400


    5.2kW Single phase solar inverter

  • SPC-3500C/P


    3.5kW single phase solar inverter

  • SPC-6000T


    6kW three phase solar inverter

  • SPC-10KT


    10kW three phase solar inverter

  • SPC-15KT


    15kW three phase solar inverter

  • SPC-20KT


    20kW three phase solar inverter


System modeling and simulation

Our system is designed for product to have the optimized conversion efficiency through individual parts and whole system analysis by developing simulation model for the optimized system operating feature of power conversion. The system can predict the potential problems during development in the early period for solution because the effective verification of signal handling algorithm, which is realized by DSP, is possible through the simulation of power circuit.


Design of board circuit and verification

It can shorten the development cycle, and reduce the trials and errors during board manufacturing because the design of control and power stack board, spice simulation and board design are conducted in the same integrated environment by using Altium Designer software, which is the newest 3D EDA tool.


Product reliability secured

We provide customers with the best quality and function through power gauge test and field test which comply with the international test standard (PV Simulator & Grid Simulator owned)


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Power conversion solution


Conversion efficiency (%)


System structure