Company introduction

Veltz Energy is a specialist in new renewable energy.

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True people and honest products

Veltz energy is a representative brand that leads renewable energy business in Korea.

It is a new renewable energy company that provides one-stop solution from design to manufacture, installation
and A/s management of solar inverter, solar power plant construction and stand-alone power system products
based on accumulated technology for 30 years in electronic control and air conditioning.



Services provided by Veltz Energy



Supply business by Korea Energy Corporation

The government subsidizes and supports a part of the installation cost of new and renewable energy to induce the commercialization of new renewable energy technology and commercialized technology which induces the creation of new and renewable energy market through active supply.



Standalone solar solution

Standalone system is a business that realizes the independent power system by using new and renewable energy in the region where the power can’t be supplied all the time.



Inverter power conversion solution

To maximize the power conversion efficiency of solar energy, we optimize the operating characteristics of the system, and develop and analyze our own simulation models to ensure optimal conversion efficiency.



Solar power generation business (RPS)

It is a business that converts solar energy into electric power and supplies it to electric sales companies through the electric power market.


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  • Address86, Gilfaro 71, Michuhole-gu, Incheon (Juandong)
  • Phone number1577-0747 / 032)509-5835
  • fax032)502-5519